"An amazing display of craftsmanship
and attention to detail.
You live up to your reputation."

Ed S., Mercedes 220 SE Cabriolet, Virginia


"Porsche perfection.
Your interior is O.E. Factory exact.
Thanks again."

D.S. 930 Turbo, California


"The impressive quality and attention
to detail are amazing. Easy to install
and with perfect fit."

J.T., Mercedes 280SL, New York


"You really did a
fantastic job on this order... It is
beautiful in all aspects."

Frank M., Porsche 356 Cabrio, Idaho


"The quality of materials & workmanship
looks excellent. Very impressed with
the attention to detail."

Noel S., 100-4 BN1, Australia


"Every piece was a perfect fit.
Skived leather, essential
for a 190SL."

R.J., Mercedes 190SL, New York

Classic Car Upholstery Products for Perfectionists

Heritage Upholstery has been a leader in high quality upholstery products for European classic cars for 23 years. We know how your classic interior looked the day it rolled out of the factory, and we can reproduce it exactly to the highest concours show standards. We offer a wide range of classic interior products including seat covers, carpet sets, panel kits, convertible tops, headliners, molded seat pads, boot covers, tonneau covers, sun visors, and rubber seals.  All products are shipped worldwide from our new state-of-the-art facility in Palm Springs, California.

Photos & Videos

We offer classic interior products for Austin Healey, MG, Porsche, Mercedes and Triumph. Click on one of the logos below to view some videos and photos of our work.

Austin Healey
Rolls Royce Maserati Aston Martin Ferrari

What makes Heritage Upholstery’s classic car interior products the best available… worldwide

Our state of the art production facility in beautiful Palm Springs, California has an impressive selection of specialty equipment including:

  • Our Gerber CAD controlled cutting machine which ensures the accuracy of our carefully developed patterns every time.
  • Dielectric heat embossed HF welding machine for that perfect factory look on door panels, heel pads, and more.
  • Correct Mercedes & Porsche twin needle sewing machines set up precisely as they were in Stuttgart for perfect OE results.
  • Factory correct leather embossing, perforating and skiving for the perfect OE factory look and feel.
  • Fully skived correct grain European automotive leather essential for that right look and fit for your classic Porsche or Mercedes. A Heritage exclusive.
  • 3D CNC and laser cutting for all our panels and substrates: steel aluminum automotive hardwood, Baltic Birch Ply, Masonite, automotive panel board, Bitumen board, and shank board.

What others say about us

Absolutely Beautiful


“I received my carpet set yesterday and it is absolutely beautiful. As time and money permit, I will be in touch to have the seats done properly.”

Tim S.Porsche 356, Wyoming

Surprised by the Quality


“It was Christmas day for me when I unpacked it and even my wife (who isn’t that interested) was surprised by the quality. Even the packaging and labeling was excellent.”

Ola M.Mercedes 280 SL, Norway

Pleased Beyond Description


“I am pleased beyond description. This is some really beautiful work. It hasn’t been installed yet, but even in the box, it’s nice just to touch it. Thank you for your talents.”

Jeffrey Z.MGA Roadster, Vermont

Very Impressive


“I just unpacked my much anticipated BJ8 custom interior – very impressive.  To those of you who are planning a new Healey interior, they should definitely be on your short list.”

Randy H.Austin Healey BJ8, California

Guaranteed to Fit


“”Guaranteed correct & guaranteed to fit. My Austin Healey has their interior and my car is concours gold.””

Bob D.100-6 BN6, Michigan



“I have just received my complete interior. This is the fourth interior that I have purchased from Heritage. It, like the first three, is beautiful.”

John S.Austin Healey BN7, Washington State